Monday, 20 May 2013

Modernday Health care - Fight with Fate

Elated and excited, I came back from my first ultrasound sonography session which confirmed my pregnancy. I was short of words when I tried to describe the emotions to my mother. She was equally happy and hugged me. Weeks went by, and my regular sonography reports  kept on showing us the growth and development of my unborn baby. In later months of pregnancy, I used to miss meeting ( err..watching her on screen) her if any of my scanning session was delayed. When my mother noticed this, she just narrated her experience. She told me that in her time, she went to see the doctor only in her seventh month of pregnancy!Gosh, I was taken back.Even she mentioned that modern day healthcare amenities have made our life so easy & blissful.
Now a days, any case of pregnancy can be monitored through advanced aides from the first week and even sometimes prior to that. 'Follicular study' has helped numerous couple to copulate at the right time and increasing the chances of getting conceived without waiting for the destiny to answer their prayers. Many miscarriages can be averted with regular monitoring & advanced supplementary medicines. Earlier it was quite common that either of the new mother or the infant might struggle for their life due to various pregnancy complications. The infant mortality rate was quite high and common man had accepted that as their fate.
But, now times have changed. New age medicines and vaccinations have changed the face of the infant mortality rate.Not only small babies, but this advancement of technology in health care sector has saved millions of lives of all age groups. Organ transplant, heart surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, advanced physiotherapy has helped many people to rise from almost their death bed. 
Unlike past, Parkinson's disease & Alzheimer' disease are not termed as mere old age ailments but can be brought under control if detected on time. Angelina Jolie has braved the stereotypical world by getting her mastectomy done to avoid any risk of breast cancer. Had it been many years back, she would have suffered with the horrible disease and silently drifted towards death.  
From common cold to deadly cancer, modern day healthcare has helped us not to succumb to the desire of fate but to fight with all our might to live an healthy & fit life.

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