Monday, 30 January 2012

Tiger in the circus

They wanted that Tiger to dance.....they wanted him to do acrobats....they wanted him to sing or balance on a small table....they wanted him to play football.

He fails to deliver any of these feats. He tried hard but failed again. Ring-master came up with new ideas everyday to 'train' him properly.

Ring-master thought that he is not 'tame' enough. He shuts the only window near tiger's cage so that the focus of training is not diverted. Might be shutting the window would help as that tiger wastes so much time in looking outside to the distant jungle through that window.

When alone, tiger also tried to practise those so-called skills. Why he is not able dance like that bear or jump like that monkey or sing like parakeet or even toss the ball like that heavyweight elephant? Why is it so?

Circus owner thinks him as an useless animal.

Sometimes he thinks of running away to that jungle but then gives up the idea. Jungle won't accept him. Also, he cannot relate himself to that jungle as well.

Should he end his life....some people say that ending life is done by losers....but he thinks what's all this fuss about win & loss....He simple does not want to participate in this bloody race.

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