Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Corporate Lesson - Satin Care Saviour

She is known as the ‘tough task master’ at her workplace. Her charismatic persona, assertive looks, 'chin-up’ attitude always coerced people to look up to her as a show-stopper.  Her average looks never had been a hindrance in her confident presentation skills. Every time she stood up to discuss her presentation, many heads turned around to notice her magnetic personality.

It was those chilly days of January. She was perfectly dressed up for office. A smart pair of beige trousers teamed up with aqua-green sleeveless top and a warm pea-coat. She had taken extra care to dress up appropriately for this big meeting.

But, as soon as she entered the conference room she sensed something wrong. Why is she feeling so hot here? The temperature outside is almost touching zero degree Celsius. Inside the office it should have been a couple of degrees more, then why is she feeling unusually warm. She got tensed and assumed getting a high blood pressure attack. But, she never had any BP problems earlier, might be she need to slow down on job stress – she thought in her mind.

Almost all the meeting invitees had gathered in that room and suddenly the facilities manager appeared there uninvited. He proudly announced the installation of central heating system in their office effective that day. Everyone applauded this change with lot of comfort. But, she was not able to enjoy that warm comfort at all. She started sweating inside her heavy wool pea-coat. She wanted to take it off but alas! She cannot.

She thought ‘I wish I had opted for my hair removal’ of arms & under-arms. She thought she could do away with those hairs in refuge of woollen wears. She had never imagined of such kind of tricky situation. It was so embarrassing. But, one thing was for sure that she cannot attend the complete two-hour duration of meeting in that condition. However, she cannot even leave that meeting half-way.

It was still ten minutes left. She rushed to the wash-room and hunt in her bag for that magical wand of the moment: Gillette Satin Care. 

There it is, she found it. Then within minutes she got rid of those unwanted hairs. She felt the satin touch of her soft hair free arms. She folded her pea-coat nicely and walked confidently inside that conference room to achieve another milestone of her success path.

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